Monday, April 13, 2009

Supply Chain Management

The supply chain for UPS from raw material to customer is interesting. Because they are a service provider, UPS does not necessarily have raw materials. They deliver service, not develop products. The process actually starts with the UPS customer shipping a package, goes through the company, and ends with another customer. It is picked up by a driver, taken to a local hub where it is unloaded off of a trailer and loaded back onto a local package car to be delivered.
Bob Stoffel is the leader of the UPS Supply Chain. He directs the distribution and logistics operations of the company and is also responsible for the UPS Corporate Strategy and engineering functions. He says, “the mission that all supply chain professionals strive to achieve is to improve business processes by bringing providers, shippers, consumers, and goods closer together, and by doing so, enable global commerce."
UPS is so advanced in Supply Chain Management that they offer their services in UPS Supply Chain Solutions. Here, they help other businesses supply chain by improving and managing inventory and moving products.

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