Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Projects and Planning

An example of a project for UPS is the everyday activity they perform – package handling. There are set amount of times for each step in the process, so Gantt charts are most likely used. A regular 20 pound package has a set amount of time for each step of its trip, depending on how long it is supposed to be shipped. After the customer ships the package out via UPS, it is processed and loaded at one point, delivered to a local hub (possibly another one after that), unloaded and loaded again and then finally shipped to the recipient. This process is for a regular 20 pound package, and if shipped standard, then it can be expected anywhere between 4-7 business days. The software UPS uses is not applicable.
I believe the system they use is great because it has worked for 102 years and UPS is the leading package handling company in the world. To be more efficient in certain areas, I would make certain hubs more versatile. Constructing some hubs to take in packages over 120 pounds (max that can be processed through a local hub for delivery) would help lower cost of traveling and increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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