Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Quality of design is determined before the product is produced. Since UPS does not produce anything, their service is determined and blueprinted before being delivered. For example, there are certain steps in delivering a package. Things that are predetermined before executing include: where the package is going, when it needs to arrive, how it will be handled, who will deliver it, etc. If a person needs a document delivered the next day, the package will be handled like every other package that goes through the corresponding hub depending on where it will be delivered. Before it is loaded on the truck, it is put into a separate pile strictly for next day delivery. All next day deliveries are taken to a separate location where they are either delivered by ground or air depending on proximity. This design has been researched and studied and determined the most efficient quality of design.

The package handling part of UPS generally has a low quality of conformance. Procedures and operations are already in place before the customer order and few specifications are made. UPS Supply Chain Solutions is a different story. In this area, UPS offers their service in helping businesses control and maintain products as well as other services, like helping with inventory and helping manage certain business aspects. These parts include: transportation and freight, logistics, international trade, consulting services and industry solutions. Quality of conformance would be high in this area because the service has to be tailored to the company’s specifications. United Parcel Service needs specific information and details in order to provide businesses with their Supply Chain Solutions unit.
Availability for UPS customers is everyday. UPS employees manage the flow of goods, funds, and information everyday in over 200 countries. Reliability is the same concept as availability for UPS customers – the service is guaranteed. In the package handling department, a customer will always receive the package in the allotted time they have requested and paid for.
Field service is convenient for customers of UPS. After the service is performed, if a package is damaged or lost, that customer (recipient or shipper) can file a claim. If it is a lost package, UPS will conduct a search and if it is not found, then the shipper can file a claim up to the declared value. If the package is damaged, then damage inspection will be conducted by UPS and depending on the results, the shipper can file a claim for repair or replacement cost up to the declared value. This process is simple through the UPS website. Entering in the tracking number is all the customer needs to do and after answering a few short questions, UPS employees will be right on it. This can also be done by telephone.
The system of quality in place for UPS is simple. The system is designed where every customer order can easily be processed and delivered in a cost efficient manner. The package handling process has been standardized with numerous hubs that receive and deliver packages within their area to either other UPS locations or directly to customers. Simplicity is a huge aspect for the United Parcel Service quality process. The customer wants to be able to ship, receive, or track without any hassle. Customer specifications are minimal and the system is set to where the service is always delivered smoothly.

Since the process itself does not need to be tampered with, improvements can be made elsewhere. UPS was in the red for the first time in its 102 year history for year ended 2008. Obviously, this is due to the struggling economy. Less people shipping as well as less businesses to ship is why UPS is down. Since UPS prides itself on its superior service and the process which they operate, they should focus on what they are already doing right and improve there. The transportation UPS uses can cut costs by using more gas efficient vehicles or ones that are less gas-reliant. Going green is a huge movement right now and UPS should jump on board. Maybe it will cost money now, but the investment will help stabilize UPS for the future.

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